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''Learnship’s competence in change management goes well beyond designing and implementing new L&D programs; we have been fortunate to capitalize on their experience and know-how to support Pirelli’s HR and digital transformation initiatives in learning.''

Donatella De Vita

Global Head of Learning, Welfare and Engagement

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Investing in language training can give you a significant competitive edge in the global market. With our Automotive Language Skills Training Program, you can improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity, and strengthen your position in the marketplace.

To keep up with the fast-evolving automotive industry, companies must be proactive, adaptable, and agile. They need to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration to stay ahead of the competition and seize new opportunities as they arise.

Business language skills play a crucial role in helping companies navigate these challenges by enabling effective communication and knowledge sharing across different borders and cultures.


“Learnship has a unique value proposition that suited what we were looking for. The structure of its services made it easier to satisfy our employees’ learning styles. It’s great to have access to self-evaluations, self-paced solutions, focused business skills workshops, and instructor-led solutions, plus the flexibility to rearrange sessions at relatively short notice.”

Bogdan Dumitrascu

Global Training Coordinator, HELLA

How language proficiency will boost your business

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Providing customers with a personalized experience is just as essential as offering high-quality products and services to foster long-lasting satisfaction and loyalty.

Misunderstandings and confusion often arise from language barriers, which can ultimately translate into negative reviews and a loss of business.

We can assist your company in overcoming communication barriers with your international customers, facilitating seamless communication to cultivate better experiences for all.

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Expanding your business into new markets requires a comprehensive understanding of the local language, culture, and market regulations. A lack of understanding in these areas can hinder your success in engaging with customers, suppliers, and other partners in your supply chain.

Bridging the communication gap is critical to ensure seamless collaboration and ultimately drive business success on a global scale. Our team at Learnship specializes in providing fully customized language training solutions to help you unlock the full potential of your workforce.

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