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At Learnship, we believe that understanding is the foundation of good business relationships.

We help individuals and teams understand each other better through effective communication, whether it's face-to-face or in writing. This leads to better collaboration, smoother decision-making, and improved productivity, ultimately supporting greater growth and success across your business.

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"We already had positive experiences with Learnship standard programs, but this Sprint solution adds something more. The program is very well-structured, therefore 'one to one' sessions with the teacher result to be very productive. The fact it is concentrated in a short timeframe, just a few weeks, allows participants to keep focused and get quick evidence of the achieved improvements. The platform used to run sessions with teacher is easily accessible and grant the needed flexibility. From a tracking point of view, the dashboard provides the needed information which is easy to understand and report - perfect example of 'less is more'!".

Program Owner, Italy

During my experience with Learnship Sprint program, I was definitely very satisfied with the learning method and with the deep focus on the chosen business topic. I had the sense that I could hit two targets with one shot: improve my language skills as well as learning how to be more effective in business”.

Program Admin, Learning and Development Specialist, Italy

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Create a global workforce that communicatessolves problems, and takes action with confidence.

Sprint Business Skills
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Communication skills customized for your industryyour team, and
your budget.

Thomas Engelbertz, CEO Learnship



We're proud to serve over 2,000 clients across a diverse range of industries and geographies, and help people everywhere to do great things internationally.


Let us help your business and teams develop skills, expand your global reach and improve your bottom line.

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I have meetings on a weekly basis where I sometimes need to express concerns with regards to a particular idea or I am asked to share my opinion on a subject, in which cases I was successfully able to use the acquired expressions and words that my dedicated teacher has taught me during the lessons.

Learner, Hungary, Information Technology & Services

I see the tremendous amount of work and effort that have been put into this program, the exercises are carefully crafted, focusing on the particular skills. My teacher is excellent, she answered and gave detailed explanations with competence to all of my questions.

Learner, Hungary, Information Technology & Services

Make your business more competitive, increase revenue, and improve your customer experience by developing the English communication skills of your global team.

Help your employees gain skills that enable them to collaborate across borders, have confident conversations with customers and partners around the globe, and avoid the pitfalls of miscommunication.

No matter what language you need, or what team you need it for, we can help you find the right language training for your organization.


Communication skills customized for your industry
your team, and
your budget.

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  • Finance
  • FMCG
  • Logistics
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Sprint Business Skills programs focus on business context and outcomes. They are designed to the needs of your industry, whether you are in: